How Can You Help Your Employees During a Pandemic

How Can You Help Your Employees During a Pandemic

Times have changed, and the new norm certainly hasn’t been easy for most families. Gone are the days of long commutes, grabbing a venti latte through the drive thru. Instead, the kids are now at home, and parents are set up at the kitchen table, downing a cup of homebrew. Managers, therefore, may want to focus on encouragement and assistance, hopefully decreasing stress levels and showing support. It’s time to rethink the office experience.

Encourage Additional Training

Give workers a boost in confidence by increasing their knowledge and practice. Sometimes a weakness in information or how to use tools may create unnecessary frustration. Use this time to ease it signing up for data center training. Learning systems and proper processes may smooth out that discomfort. Send out a survey, asking which services seem to need a boost. Then, create a class, enhancing this skill.

Embrace Flexibility

Meetings are no longer as professional as you desire. People may have toddlers running around, chucking their breakfast across the room in a tantrum. Others may be sitting next to their no crisis schooled children trying to aid in solving mathematical equations. Life isn’t simple. It’s complicated and messy. Be prepared to accept noises, distractions and insanity. Let your staff understand that it’s okay. You probably have a mess at your home as well–embrace that and share it.

Be Honest

Each establishment is in a different place financially right now. Don’t be afraid to remain upfront about the state of current affairs. Are you having trouble maintaining clients or funding? Don’t hide the issues. Send out a video sharing the company’s current position and what you’re doing to keep things going. If everything is fine, then tell them. It may ease minds, allowing people to focus on projects and not whether they’ll have health care and paycheck.

Breathe deep. The environment has shifted, but your team can still work hard.

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