Keep your home safe this winter

Keep your home safe this winter

As the temperature outside drops and the days become shorter, there’s no doubt that winter has arrived. But as picturesque as those ‘winter wonderland’ scenes may be, winter weather can cause problems around your home.

Here are a few safety tips to help you keep your home safe.

1. Protect your pipes

Reduce the risk of exterior water pipes freezing or bursting by draining and disconnecting garden hoses and sprinklers. Insulate indoor and outdoor pipes and – if the overnight temperature looks set to drop below freezing – consider leaving external taps on slightly to avoid a build-up of pressure which could lead to burst pipes.

2. Check your roof

Inspect your roof for damage and make sure seals are intact. It’s far better to maintain it now than have to deal with problems which could come to light during storms or snowfall.

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3. Repair outdoor lighting

The shorter, winter days may mean you spend more time entering and leaving your home when it’s dark. Make sure you have a well-lit path. Check lightbulbs and consider using motion sensors or lighting that’s controlled from your smartphone.

While you’re making the outside of your property ready for winter, take a look also at your outside gas meter box. If it’s damaged in any way, now is the time to consider getting it replaced. You don’t want the winter weather to reach the actual meter, so look for a solid replacement gas meter box. Remember, if you do need to have any repairs done to your gas meter (rather than the outer casing), always use a Gas Safe registered engineer.

4. Prepare for power cuts

Stormy weather can cause power cuts so keep torches and other battery-powered equipment in an easy-to-access place. Invest in a battery-powered mobile phone charger too, so that you can keep it charged if telephone lines go down.

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5. Be ready for snow

As pretty as fresh snowfall may look, it can cause havoc on driveways and footpaths. Ensure you have a snow shovel and grit or salt at home, ready to clear away snow and ice safely.

6. Combat germs

Colds and flu are common illnesses in winter. Help reduce germs by reducing the temperature by a few degrees. When combined with good hygiene, this will hopefully help you enjoy a safe and healthy season.

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