What to wear to a spa? Basic Recommendations

What to wear to a spa? Basic Recommendations

How to dress for a visit to a day of Spa? A trip to the day spa can be a mini-vacation in the middle of your busy schedule. If you have not been to a day spa before, the first trip can be a bit disorienting because day spas tend to be more community than a massage clinic. To feel more comfortable during your visit, you must know what to wear. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

What to wear to a spa?

Now that you know what to bring to the SPA let’s move on to the details of the wellness kit. Once inside, the bathrobe you need to move from one area to another on the path and to dry yourself once you get out of the emotional showers or from the pool and whirlpool. Choose a short and light sponge, compact and quick drying. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

The SPA towel

It is perfect for sweating in the sauna or in the Turkish bath. Put under the body, it isolates you from the seats, guaranteeing optimal hygiene. We suggest you a small or medium-sized one, easy to carry in your suitcase and to move during the stages of the journey in the SPA.


In order not to come into contact with fungi and bacteria, slippers are essential. They isolate the feet from the floor and also help you not to slip when you walk from one area of ​​the Farm to another.

The headset

It is compulsory in all pools of the Spa. Not only to protect your hair but also to hold it and not let it go into the water. It is a cleansing rule that protects everyone.

Find out if the spa day offers you a kimono, robe or other specific clothes of spa. Most day spas provide clothing to wear if you are going to receive a full body treatment. If you are only going to take a facial, manicure, pedicure or other services, you will most likely have to bring your clothes to the day spa, although there you can request a tunic.

Some recommendations

You can wear underwear or swimsuit for most of the full-body treatments you take on a day of spá. If you are embarrassed or if your religious beliefs require the use of underwear, this does not interfere with most treatments. Talk to your therapist before your appointment if you have concerns.

Ask about footwear. To maintain impeccable cleanliness, many spá do not allow people to wear street shoes in the treatment and living room areas. However, they usually offer shoes without laces for you to wear.

Understand that some facilities are mixed. Some spá offer swimming pools, steam baths, saunas and hot baths that cannot be private, and these can also be open to the other genre. In this case, you may have to wear a swimsuit to use the facilities for your comfort.

Leave the jewelry at home, unless you go to take them out during treatment. Most day spas offer lockers, but it’s easier to leave jewelry at home, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Wear comfortable clothes, but nothing too casual. Yoga pants and a comfortable shirt are appropriate, but as long as they are garments with which you feel comfortable and that are appropriate to wear in public. Even if you don’t wear your clothes in the Spa, your comfort helps to extend the benefits of spa treatments, when you wear them to go home.

Do you have other curiosities?

We have seen what to bring to the SPA and which are the most suitable costumes for a path with sauna, hydro massage, showers and a Turkish bath. We also recommended a light suitcase, with the need for a day in the SPA. We then suggested that you prepare your body and mind in advance for the pampering and treatments that await you.

Do you have any other curiosity? Do you want to know how to wash, to get the benefits of the SPA at home too? Write us in the comments.

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