All about technology driven world

All about technology driven world

In this technology-driven world, it’s easy to let our devices entertain and parent our children. The influence is present even if we’re not aware of it. Although technological advances make life easier and can serve as inspiration for children and adults alike, a simple wholesome atmosphere is still a beneficial foundation to raise kids. With that being said, the war between technology and real life experiences should be balanced in order to raise well-rounded children.

Remember when there were no Ipads and cell phones to distract us from real experiences? Those were the days when playing outside carried more excitement than sitting indoors watching TV. Well…those days are behind us, and as a result, we as parents must work harder to defend the value in real life experiences as opposed to those spent on tech devices in virtual worlds.
The Power of Nature…

Children need to know what rain smells like, or how mud feels when it’s squished between your toes. Although simple, these experiences connect us to the earth and real time in simple yet valuable ways. Any child that’s ever played under the blazing sun only to watch the sun fade gently into twilight, granting relief from the heat, understands the adventure in being one with nature and time.

The Value in Simple Real Life Experiences

There is value in watching a sunset with your children or raking leaves together. Just taking a walk and being able to experience the wind and the sun together is both meaningful and hands on. Those memories created while enjoying various real-time activities will last a lifetime and help form the glue that will continue to grow as your children mature into adults. Even inviting your child to work and showing them how you operate your company’s sputtering sources is a personal hands-on experience that will impact your relationship with your children more than buying them a PS4 will.

Regardless of what you choose to do with your children, real life experiences will bring you together far more than time spent on technical devices will. It’s the interaction that you should constantly be courting with your children. Although a balanced portion of time spent on technical devices is not harmful, it should be countered with real life interactive experiences that build life long memories and serve as the glue that will keep a relationship cohesive as children grow and mature into adults.

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