Airplane Rules: There are at least five that you violate without knowing it

Airplane Rules

Airplane Rules: There are at least five that you violate without knowing it

Between seats that are better not lowered to avoid disturbing the neighbor and the right to relax, here are the airplane rules that often are not respected in flight.

Even for air travel there are implicit rules (or not) to be respected that, sometimes, not everyone follows literally, creating some annoyance to the flight companion. Let’s see what they are.

For example, sharing the armrest with your neighbor is not one of the things you do most willingly. Here then, at the time of take-off, literally snaps one elbow to win the silent battle for the control of the soft divider of the seats. The rule would like an armrest per passenger even if, in extreme cases, one could ask the neighbor to divide it in equal times to enjoy the double support at least for a few minutes.

Another unwritten rule, which should certainly be respected, is that of not reclining the seat too much in order not to reduce the living space of the passenger to whom the shoulders are given. This is certainly one of the most discussed behaviors in flight that divides passengers between those in favor of a moment of relaxation and against this rude gesture. But is it about education in this case? It depends. For netiquette, in fact, if the journey is short, passengers must not recline the seat. In the case of a long trip, for good manners, the neighbor must always be advised.

Even asking to exchange places with a neighbor isn’t always a good idea. Sometimes it is done to be close to a friend or colleague without considering that maybe those who sit in that place paid extra to do it. True, you can always say no, but it could be inconvenient, unless the proposed place is better than the one booked. In order to satisfy everyone, in any case, it is possible to ask the flight attendant if it is possible to make some changes: any responsibility, therefore, will fall on her.

Even the chatterers failed. Few sometimes realize that the seatmate might just want to sleep, read a book or relax during the flight and continue to speak demanding a dialogue. In this case, you have to play in advance: just put on a pair of headphones before take-off, to listen to music or enjoy a good movie, or a pair of earplugs to block all unwanted conversations.

A last rule that is not always respected is to queue, even when you are late. It seems like a trivial matter: the haste to take the plane wins over everything and many skip it. Yet begging people to leave is a very irritating behavior and should be avoided if possible. If the risk of losing the plane is very high, you can politely ask an airport employee for help: only they can decide whether to skip the line, apologizing to all the other passengers for the inconvenience.

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