You do not have destination for this summer vacation? The Greek islands you will conquer

Greek islands

You do not have destination for this summer vacation? The Greek islands you will conquer

We aim to summer vacation, but the daily stress or lack of time may have made for the moment we do not have a destination for the next few weeks. Do not panic, the time come to inspire – not only as far as outfits are concerned- and show us the perfect place to spend our days relaxing: the Greek islands. Need more details? Take pen and paper, you’ll need.

Greek islands

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How to plan the trip?

An adventurous spirit is always with you, but improvisational cannot go with you this time. And it is that if we pool this summer and destination, requires us to have everything closed before catching a plane and go to there. We can visit this place in different ways:

  • Plane: Arriving by plane seems the easiest and convenient transportation. The best option is to land in Athens and then catch another plane to take us to one of the main islands and then move through the other ferry.
  • Cruise: Another convenient way to visit the Greek islands is through a cruise. A negative point? If you like an island you cannot stay much longer than expected: only offers an few hours to take the obligatory photo and soak up what you can. Do not waste your time or the cruise will leave without you!

The islands to consider

Inform us of the islands we see, what is worth or what the roll more we will be a good way to start planning everything. The Greek islands are composed of more than 101, but in all of them there are names that stand out above others.

  • Mykonos: If you want to march and celebration, Mykonos is your place. Beachfront clubs where electronic music sounds at all times. If we want culture, this place offers various options through its main museums: the Archaeological Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and the Naval Museum.
  • Santorini: Along with Mykonos, Santorini is one of the best known and loved by all islands. Its volcanic cornices and half – moon shape make it special. Picturesque villages frame the most famous images, and fabulous views are breathtaking every visitor.
  • Rhodes: The old town of Rhodes is what attracts visitors near the port of Mandraki.Its walls and fortresses left a beautiful and interesting landscape.
  • Crete: It is the largest with a length of 360 Kms island. That makes need more time to visit in depth. The best? The southern area is virtually untouched since. That involves myocardial beaches and paradisiacal places.

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Greek cuisine, a culinary treasure

On holidays being concerned about diet is not good, but if we come to a place where the food is healthy, rich and tasty, the better. And Greek cuisine is perfect to enjoy eating without worrying about the extra kilos, or part of them. So that we understand, his style is typically Mediterranean, with techniques and shared with Italian ingredients, Middle Eastern cuisine and cuisines from the Balcanes vegetables that do not fail in each of their dishes such as tomato, eggplant, potatoes, green beans, and edible okra from Africa -the result, onions, cucumbers and mushrooms. Will more typical dishes? Greek Salad, Spanakotiropites (dumplings feta cheese and spinach), dolmades (stuffed vine leaves involving either meat, rice or vegetables) or moussaka (a kind of eggplant lasagna based). For more visit

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