How to Plan For a House Move

How to Plan For a House Move

I was recently lucky enough to buy my dream house, my husband and I had been looking at the property for quite some time and for many years, we simply couldn’t afford it. The property came back on the market at a time when our finances were in good shape and we managed to snap it up. I’d longed for a big house for years, I used to pore over housing websites and read the Grand Homes reviews just to try and get a glimpse into what it would be like to own a big house, and now I know!

Buying the house went smoothly, the house move did not and today I want to use my bad experience to help you avoid having one. If you are planning a house move then here is how you should go about it.

Call in The Troops

Without question, one of the first things that you should be doing once you have your moving date is to put out the call to friends and family to come and support you. It will be important that you give them fair warning so that they can make a plan in their diary. Even if you happen to be using a removals company to transport your goods, there are so many little jobs which will need many hands. Rustle up some sandwiches and drinks, get the troops round and make your day run far smoother. 

Color Code Everything

When you are packing up your possessions I would recommend that you color code every different room and attach the color to the box which has the items from that room. This will not help to much when packing stuff up but I cannot tell you how much it will help you when the time comes to unpack. Buy some sticky notes and get every single box color coded. 

Don’t Forget The Fragile Stuff

I made a real rookie mistake in my haste to get everything packed up and forgot to write fragile on two boxes. Removal staff do not have the ability to look through cardboard and if it doesn’t say fragile then they will l rely not treat it as such. Listen to a woman who knows, if you want to avoid a broken ornament or candelabra then make sure that you write fragile on the side f any box containing your delicate goods.

Big Stuff First

If you are taking large furniture or kitchen appliances into the new home then you should most definitely put these into the house whilst it is still empty. We didn’t put the sofa in first and the result was trying to put a 3 piece suite in the living area in amongst a sea of boxes with I can tell you, was no fun. When the house is still a shell, this is the perfect time to get all of the big, chunky stuff in before the boxes arrive. Avoid making the same mistake as me and get the big stuff in first!

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