Why Custom Bobbleheads Make the Perfect Gift

Why Custom Bobbleheads Make the Perfect Gift

Bobblehead dolls are weird little creatures that have grown in astonishing popularity over the past decade. The idea’s gone from funny dashboard ornament to sought after collectible in a relatively short amount of time.

However, while it’s very mainstream to have a replica of your favorite “Game of Thrones” character immortalized in adorable plastic, the next big thing is having someone you know immortalized in adorable plastic. Custom bobbleheads are affordable, fun present that will make you stand out as thoughtful and witty. Here are a few reasons why they should be in your gift bag to your next birthday, Christmas party or wedding.

They’re Personal

It’s an old adage, but it’s very true: when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. A custom bobblehead is thoughtful because it’s custom. You have to do a decent amount of work to get one that looks good (and you’ll want to. The dolls aren’t expensive, but they’re not throwaway money, either.). Giving someone a doll that looks just like them, and might even be wearing an outfit from a fun time you shared together will mean a lot.

They Won’t Break the Bank

Most custom bobbleheads will run you between $50 and $70. Given the amount of work you DON’T have to put into these dolls, you’re absolutely getting your money’s worth. You can literally do everything online after grabbing a few pictures and clicking your mouse a few times. The hardest part of the ordeal will be finding the right likeness of your friend then waiting for the package to arrive. When you think that some people spend that much on a bottle of wine or a round of cocktails, it’s clear these dolls are a good deal, if not investment.

They’re Versatile

Since they’re “custom,” these dolls can literally be anything you want them to be (like NSFW anything, if that’s your intent). You can have yourself or your friends immortalized as bobblehead KISS impersonators, a team of bobblehead Princess Leias, or even a set of bobblehead Quidditch players. Whatever your desire, you can have your doll made to wear any costume or look like any of your favorite idols. That makes a bobblehead gift easy to give to almost anyone, making it easier for you to find the perfect gift.

They’re Unique

Not many Secret Santa or birthday parties are attended by bobblehead purveyors. While the collectible dolls are very popular, custom bobbleheads aren’t quite mainstream, yet. If you want to look like someone who didn’t just hit up the mall on the way to the party, give yourself a few weeks to plan out the purchase of one of these dolls. You’ll be sure to raise some eyebrows (in a good way) if and when you show up to an event with one. That said, if you’re going to some sort of geek-themed get together, forget what we’ve just said. Geeks have been on the bobblehead train for years and will likely roll their eyes if you unveil your present as though you think they’ve never seen one.

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