This little robot Toyota seeks to be our perfect companion while driving


This little robot Toyota seeks to be our perfect companion while driving

After several years of development finally Toyota is ready to put on sale its charming little robot kirobo Mini, which comes as part of a project to make humans interact with machines and coexist in the future where we autonomous cars and a wider development in robotics.

This robot’s main objective is to serve as a companion to the drivers, as it is able to strike up conversations and determine user emotions. This makes applications go beyond because their characteristics that mimic those of a child of five years, seeking to create an emotional connection.


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Kirobo Mini: Artificial intelligence simulates a child 5 years

Kirobo Mini is the younger brother of kirobo, who in 2013 spent a year and a half in the International Space Station accompanying the astronaut Koichi Wakata, this as part of an investigation aimed at determining the behavior and relationships of robots and humans within a narrow space vehicle.

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Kirobo Mini continues under the philosophy of being a companion, and thanks to a pair of microphones and a camera is able to determine the emotions, mood, and also lets you recognize faces. It has been programmed with an artificial intelligence system that pretends to be a child of five years, this with the idea of awakening the protective instincts of people.

Among the capabilities of kirobo Mini are those engage in “casual conversations” related to the trip, the person, and in general all the information that is gathering as it is intended that this robot grow with the user and is part of your life daily, so it is not only meant to be inside a car.

Kirobo Mini has just 10 centimeters high and includes its own “child seat” that can be placed in the cup holder of the car. It goes on sale during 2017 at an estimated retail price of US $ 393, the bad news is that for the moment only available in Japan and there are no plans for international distribution. More tips on

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