‘Peter and the Dragon’ magic to our inner child

Peter and the Dragon

‘Peter and the Dragon’ magic to our inner child

Disney takes some time enhancing adaptations real image of some of its most beloved animated classics. Last year it was the turn of the very enjoyable ‘Cinderella’ and during this 2016, we had already seen the remarkable ‘The Jungle Book’ and the awful sequel of ‘Alice in the Wonderland’, but still lacked ‘Peter and the dragon’, which raised more questions a priori.

New version of the irregular ‘Pete’s Dragon Elliot’, the film in question has not enjoyed commercial success expected by Disney. The reason may be their low aspirations and that this is a magical story that appeals to the innocence of our inner child, which makes fine except that we draw to light our more cynical side as it is very easy to attack his deliberate and effective simplicity .

A remake of another era

It is evident that our tastes are evolving as we grow and sure that almost all have gone through phases in which we have despised things we loved small; probably motivated by discovering others that have fascinated us. Of course, it is not uncommon that later rediscover what had loved us first. No longer more or less inevitable phases.

Peter and the Dragon

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To be fair, it is impossible for all or even just most things that we loved of kids is held with a more critical eye, which leads to great disappointments with certain are reworked, not always fair, because sometimes we ask something that just never he was there. That’s the big barrier that has to shoot down ‘Peter and the dragon’ because its leaders know very well what they want and how to give, but it may not match what we want.

Reducing everything to its essence, ‘Peter and the Dragon’ is one of those innocent stories in that there are not really characters, being elements to build a more emotional affair than anything else we know exactly where we ‘re going to take at all times. it stops not be one of those stories that we could tell small and comforted we hear again and again by the warmth given off, partly by himself, but also for the associated carrying situation.

You know what you want and how to get it

One of the great sacrifices made David Lowery is to leave behind all authorial effort to stick to a mold that Hollywood had left forgotten on top of a shelf. It is true that this year has been released ‘My friend the giant’ (‘The BFG’), but there never supposed passion of Steven Spielberg could tell by the original work and the result was unable tape fascinate as much as had ingredients similar to the one in question.

That does not happen in ‘Peter and the Dragon’ because Lowery at all times is aware of the lower profile and somewhat unfashionable to be printed on the adventure of his two main characters, a boy who lost his family in a -very tragic car accident convincing Oakes Fegley – which we already goes back to that time when Disney was so often things like that in the early days of film, and an adorable dragon that almost looks more like a giant dog with certain powers.

That is the great emotional heart of ‘Peter and the Dragon’, as the deep friendship they have is what spreads both the other characters, who do not cease to be more or less standard examples of a more typical rural life ago several decades today, and incidentally the viewer, being where it is essential to accept the game that raises the film. a necessary toll, but as with any other universe raised on the big screen.

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‘Peter and the Dragon’ very satisfactory

If you keep an open mind, you will find a magical journey that may even make some tear skip or at least that will awaken the innocence of your inner child that will make you overlook all- the limitations rest of frames not stop be a need to fill, as happens with the characters, which limits any chance to shine on its part and enjoy such a simple affair as satisfactory.

At that point, I think it is a great success that the script Toby Halbrooks and Lowery himself has chosen a different from the original tape of 1977 to choose to limit the extraordinary to the mere existence of Elliot element approach. That leads to the game with the incredulity of the characters fit much better and also to all occurrences of the dragon have enough strength, both visually and by the affection that so quickly we catch this unique creature.

This low profile has also helped to keep the budget under control -65 million is not too much- but the key is the climate that is created with everything derived from it. This is a unique and extraordinary event that breaks a somewhat boring routine. Here there are no excesses that break, but also no ambition to be something more, because even in his more magical side has his feet on the ground to make it easier to get carried away by his tenderness.

In short, ‘Peter and the Dragon’ is not an extraordinary film, but is neither intended. He just wants to be an emotional journey that brings us back to the innocence of our childhood we have all already left behind, partly by simple obligation. As such it fulfills its purpose very well and makes us leave with a smile of satisfaction film by little we accept your proposal.

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