Web positioning, branding and social networks: Keys in your marketing strategy

marketing strategy

Web positioning, branding and social networks: Keys in your marketing strategy

Digital marketing is the unfinished business for many companies, who know that without a correct strategy it is difficult to stand out from the competition. Especially important is to have professional support and adequate tools to gain visibility on the internet, in the case of online stores or e-commerce.

Visibility is fundamental in the network when selling online, because if you are not visible, the user can not locate you and, therefore, can not buy your products. Hence, the need to develop a personalized marketing strategy.

The help of a digital strategy agency can be key to developing strategies in this field. The objective, generate visibility and a positive evolution of the company.

To improve online visibility, it is advisable to hire freelance professionals specialized in each area or a marketing agency. Among all the services that must be taken into account, three must be highlighted: web positioning, branding and social networks.

marketing strategy

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Web positioning

The art of positioning in search engines or SEO pursues that our business appears in the first places in the search engines. If we do not have knowledge of the subject, it is possible that Google ends up penalizing us and we end up losing visibility. In this case, it is advisable to hire an SEO consultant or an online marketing consultant.

An SEO consultant helps you position yourself in Google, analyzing your website and making a series of modifications, so that the search engine’s robot can read and classify your content. The key is to ‘like’ Google and the user. For this, the content must be useful and retain the user as much time as possible. It is what is known as SEO On page.

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In the link building or SEO off page, Google measures our popularity, analyzing the links coming from other web pages. Obviously, a link from authority site is not the same as from a free directory. With those links obtained, as long as there are good content, Google produces a certain classification in the search engine results pages. With an SEO on page care and a linkbuilding better than the competition, it is feasible to place yourself ahead of your competitors.

Branding and social networks

Working on the brand image is fundamental in any marketing strategy. Branding consists of the set of attributes and values ​​that users identify about your company. All the attributes you have achieved, whether for working for the environment, for writing funny content on social networks or for promoting social policies, will help you strengthen the branding of your company on the Internet.

Regarding social networks, no one can ignore its importance today. The fact of being present on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with a correct positioning, to reach our target audience, can be decisive.

It is also essential to develop an action plan, with a logo identified with your corporate values ​​and to work on brand communication. SEO and branding usually go hand in hand and are tasks that are closely related.

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