Heaven on Earth for Special Needs Children at Camp Barnabas

Heaven on Earth for Special Needs Children at Camp Barnabas

Camp Barnabas at Teas Trail is a camp designed to bring joy to the lives of children with special needs. It’s a Christian camp that’s a place where love and compassion envelop a safe haven for young summer campers with a handicap. There are lots of reasons to let a child with special needs go to Camp Barnabas. These are some of them:

This Camp is a Place of Acceptance 

Camp Barnabas is a camp that makes children who are different feel no different than other children. Here it doesn’t matter if you lost your hair or a limb or if you are confined to a wheelchair. Everybody at Camp Barnabas loves you just the way you are, and everyone lovingly accepts you.

This Camp is a Place Where Kids Have Loads of Fun 

Camp Barnabas makes sure its campers always have lots of fun. It offers fundraising events that support children with disabilities, a yearly Snow Ball dance, marathons, and enjoyable activities like arts and crafts, gardening, and karaoke. For children who cannot walk, water wheelchairs are provided so these disabled children can go in the pool. The camp has a high ropes course, too, and it’s a place where children can engage in archery and paintball. Also on site is a small petting zoo. The children love the different parties held at Camp Barnabas. This camp is a place where disabled children can experience the joys of life in a totally safe environment.

The Employees are Amazing 

The people who work at Camp Barnabas are experts at what they do. The staff and the missionaries work together to provide the children with love, compassion, and a sense of security during their stay at the camp. Camp Barnabas also has an extraordinary medical team that assists disabled children when they play.

This Camp has been a Success for Many Years 

Camp Barnabas started in 1994, and it has made many children and parents very happy over the years. This camp’s mission is to teach disabled children that God gave everyone a purpose and a skill. The camp’s mission is to also make these children aware of their skills. Camp Barnabas is successful at achieving these goals, and it is successful at making the children enjoy themselves while feeling safe and loved by everyone around them.

If you have a child with special needs or you know someone who does, tell this person about Camp Barnabas at Teas Trail. Direct them to the camp’s website where they can submit any questions they may have, or tell them to call 417 476-2565. Find one camp in Purdy, Missouri and another in Shell Knob, Missouri.

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