How to Become More Intelligent

How to Become More Intelligent

Many of us feel like the world is becoming a place where you have to be really smart to get ahead. The increased use of technology and having to understand the inner and outer workings of so many things in our daily lives, adds to these feelings. With this in mind, we all need tips on how we can improve our intelligence. Here is a list of things we can do to get smarter:

Keep Learning – You should never stop learning because the brain thrives and remains active as we challenge it to take on new and exciting information. So taking the time to feed your knowledge base will make you smarter. How about listening to some of the lectures in the Great Courses series which features teaching on a wide range of subjects by the top 1% of college professors in the world. For founder Thomas M Rollins teaching should be done by the best, which is why he only accepts lectures by the top 1%.  The series allows you to learn new topics will stimulate your mind and increase your intelligence. 

Take Up an Instrument – It is scientifically proven that when you learn to read music and practice an instrument, your IQ increases. Some say this is because leaning music, like learning a new language increases the neural pathway.

Do Aerobics! – If you need another reason to exercise more here is one. Researchers have known for decades that aerobic exercise is good for the human brain, because it increase the growth of new neurons. They now have additional evidence of its positive effects on intelligence. In a breakthrough discovery, scientists have identified a specific molecule called irisin that is produced in the brain during endurance exercise through a chain reaction. Irisin activates genes involved in learning and memory.

Turn off the TV– Television is a big part of many people’s live primarily because it is convenient, relaxing and free. This sometimes results in many spending hours each day staring at what some call “the idiot box”. Watching television does actually have a host of downsides many of which can affect your intelligence. Including oversimplifying reality. TV presents subjects in a particular way that everything gets nicely wrapped up at the end. This harms clear thinking by conditioning you to expect that most problems have a simple, easy time based solution. Also, when you watch TV your mental concentration is taken over. This would be ok if you were then fed with mentally stimulating information, but too often it is the opposite. Si watching television in small amounts ifs ok but long periods will make you dumber and conversely, turning it off will make you smarter especially if you use all of that free time on one of the listed items here.
Get More Rest – Sleep is when our bodies recharge and when the most repair activity happens including in the brain. So it is essential to get a good night’s rest so that your brain can rebuild itself. A good night sleeps gives you more productive hours and maximizes your mental sharpness throughout the day.

Remember, the more you stimulate your brain the better it will work.  So try these tips on what to do and not do to increase your amount of brain stimulation. You will be smarter for it.

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