Clever hidden storage solutions for your home

Clever hidden storage solutions for your home

From slide-out drawers with a fitted knife block for storing your knives to drawers that turn into kitchen footstools, people are finding quirky ways to extract more storage room from their living space.

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One of the frustrations of renting is not being able to get the place exactly as you want it. Given that most kitchen storage units are standard sizes, it may be worthwhile to get a cabinet maker to make some fittings for your kitchen units that are more suited to your lifestyle and the way you cook. When you move, you can simply take them with you.

If you do have the freedom to make changes or are fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, there are lots of hidden storage solutions that are worth their weight in gold in terms of clearing clutter in small spaces.

Hidden storage hacks

One great idea is using in-drawer pots that allow you to store utensils upright rather than in the tangled mess you see in most kitchen drawers. How many times does the drawer get stuck because the whisk is stopping it from closing?

Slide-out, slim drawers that go from the floor to the top of the unit are another great idea. Some people even add a built-in electrical socket for tools such as whisks or stick blenders. Some of the neatest tricks with these drawers are seen in bathrooms, where the confined space and the number of products we all now use make space-saving a must.

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Where there isn’t enough depth for a full drawer or cupboard unit, you can use a pull-down drawer. These don’t need as much space but can still carry items that are useful for that particular room, such as towels in a bathroom. What about that wasted space inside your wooden staircase? Some clever owners fit cupboards under each tread.

Don’t forget the garage

The design website Houzz has a huge number of garage organiser ideas. Some people opt for all heavy-industry when they order shelves for the garage

However, try to avoid overspecifying. You could well find that light duty shelving, which is cheaper, is quite adequate.

Getting clutter organised clears your head and inspires you to start new projects, so get organising now to reap the benefits.

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