How do I choose the right PHP web development provider for my business?

How do I choose the right PHP web development provider for my business?

With web applications playing a vital, even business-critical, role for businesses of all sizes, one of the most important decisions you will make is picking a developer to provide your PHP solution.

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Like hiring any key employee, you need to carefully consider your options based on a number of criteria, as you would in a normal interview.

Here are a few starting points to help you choose the best PHP developer for your business.

Consider previous work

Just as you would consider a potential employee’s work experience, so should you consider the sort of applications a potential developer has worked on.

In their portfolio, you can see the scope and complexity of projects they have completed successfully, as well as the subject matter they dealt with, and compare them to your own project to get some idea of how well suited they will be to your project.

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Match your needs with their expertises

When you want online advertising, you might typically go to a London SEO agency like, rather than a company focusing on print media, and the same should apply to looking for developers.

There are a wide variety of PHP frameworks with various specialisations, and developers will have different levels of experience with each of them, as well as with different types of end product. If you are looking for a developer to make a bespoke business-critical application, you will want it to be developed with the most suitable framework, by a team that is experienced in that area.

Look for genuine reviews

You would probably check the references of someone you were going to hire, even for a relatively minor role in your business. For something as important as a development team, then, you should definitely do the same.

Look for genuine reviews, and even consider looking past the references they may volunteer. For some extra reassurance, you can even consider contacting some of their past clients.

Prepare comprehensive questions

You don’t need to know the technical ins and outs of your project, but you should know enough about your needs, and what you expect from the developers, to have a decent list of questions going into your first meeting.

Budget, timeframe and availability of post-launch support are all important to bring up early in the process.

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