The future of agriculture is in this bestial robotic tractor that needs no driver

Robotic Tractor

The future of agriculture is in this bestial robotic tractor that needs no driver

Every week we read about new developments about autonomous driving, most of which are geared to private use in public carts, but there are other scenarios that also want to leverage the use of technology to reduce the workload, such as in agriculture through autonomous tractors.

Although it sounds incredible, this week under the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, company Case IH, specialist in the manufacture of equipment for farms and agriculture, presented the ‘Autonomous Concept Vehicle’ (LCA) which is an intimidating robotic tractor which it is operated remotely by a tablet PC.

Robotic Tractor

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Autonomous Concept Vehicle, autonomous tractor

Among the features of this monster removing the driver’s cab it stands out because it is not necessary thanks to a complete standalone system based on cameras, radars, GPS and sensors that detect obstacles and make it change course to avoid impacts, all controlled through a tablet PC, allowing schedule tasks on defined paths so you can work either day or night.

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The tractor has a 419 hp engine and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 50 km / h; thanks to the technology of remote operation you can schedule tasks and paths from the parking place to the workplace, plus one person may operate several tractors and know their location at all times via the tablet PC or a mobile application which only serves to monitor tasks from a smartphone.

Despite the advantages offered by a vehicle of this type, its creators are trying to push a regulation that allows them to operate your tractor, since not having driver makes it impossible to circulate on public roads, something that experts say will have to spend a lot of time for all these loopholes are resolved in favor of autonomous driving has now reached agriculture.

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