The top 10 UX design myths

The top 10 UX design myths

UX, which stands for ‘user experience’, is one of the current buzzwords. Here are the top ten myths surrounding UX design.

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1 It is all about usability

Usability may be at the core of UX design, but the bigger picture includes user enjoyment of their experience. If visitors do not like the look and feel of a website, the usability aspect is no longer of any relevance.

2 Good looks are paramount

You want your website to look great, but it will not achieve its targets if it does not function well.

3 People will use your website in the way you imagine

People are unpredictable, so do not assume that your way is the only way. Analyse site data to see how visitors are engaging with your site and make changes accordingly.

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4 The homepage is paramount

Many site visitors may never see your homepage, depending on their search terms, so do not spend all your time crafting a stunning homepage to the detriment of other pages on your site.

5 The three-click rule

It is often said that visitors must find what they want within three clicks or they will leave the site, never to return. If your site is easily navigable and intuitive to use, visitors will stay with you.

6 Pages need to be short

A few years ago, website visitors disliked scrolling through text; today, our reliance on smartphones has changed this. Visitors now prefer to scroll through content rather than click through several pages of text.

7 Website design is separate from content

Web designers used to view the design process as a separate element to the actual content; today, the two are inseparable. The design should reinforce the content, so make sure that you source a skilled design team. Reading web design teams, such as Star Web Innovations, can help to make your website vision a reality.

8 White space is unprofessional

According to The Next Web, white space gives the content and graphics space to breathe, so make sure you include some in your design.

9 Usability is everything

Usability is at the core of great design; however, visitors will be deterred from buying your products if your site is not aesthetically pleasing.

10 Graphics can replace text

Well-placed graphics are important, but content has a higher value.

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