Latest trends in wedding photography

Latest trends in wedding photography

Weddings are magical events that two families and their teams plan and work towards for months. As a photographer, you need to capture that magic. Ever true to your own style, it is essential for the growth of your business to take notice of the trends that come and go. These are the top trend predictions for wedding photography 2017.

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Editorial type styling

These family or group photos have always been extremely popular. It does take careful planning but the result is a hit because all the important members of the wedding party are involved.

The bigger picture

The lead-up and actual event is filled with touching and funny moments between the couple, their families and close friends. A skilled photographer will be able to direct the rawness of the moment in order to capture it in a natural way that will tell the viewer more about the ‘behind the scenes’ emotions of the wedding itself.

Film photography returns

Although it is no secret that the trend of instant film cameras will not be over soon, film presets are making a grand return. There are some great mobile apps doing the rounds like VSCO and Filmborn. These show photographers the images in colours that they would get on film. It is up to the photographer’s skills and knowledge as to whether or not to combine the technology as you might find a Bournemouth wedding photographer, or photographers elsewhere might do.

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Highly stylised storytelling

This involves hard lighting techniques that draw your attention to the subject whilst the narrative of the moment is being shared at the same time. A creative Bournemouth wedding photographer, or any other expert storyteller, will creatively reproduce the narrative of the day. For inspiration, there are many sites available online such as that can give you ideas.

Strobe photography

Although beautiful, natural light can add brightness and a type of airiness to a photo, a flash is going to enter the equation the moment the sun sets or you go indoors. Even natural light-loving photographers know that the only way to keep it crisp is to go flash. Creatively, the flash can be incorporated into vast environmental portraits for effect.

A great photographer needs to really ‘see’ the couple and return to them a series of genuine moments that encompass the beauty of the day.

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