Planning Your Next Smartphone Upgrade?

Planning Your Next Smartphone Upgrade?

The past few years have seen the prices of the newest flagship devices rise at a rapid rate, now the newest devices are starting to reach closer to the $2,000 mark with enthusiast options often being much higher – this change has led to a growing number of people holding onto their smartphones for a longer period of time deeming the newest devices not necessarily an upgrade. If you haven’t changed for a while and are prepared to start looking for your next smartphone upgrade however, you may be a little behind on what big features are available, and what you should be looking out for, so what’s important for your next upgrade?

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5G compatibility should top the list – The next big push in mobile networking through 5G is quickly approaching as many modern devices are now 5G ready and a switch from 4G is starting to happen, but if you haven’t upgraded for quite some time this is something you’ll not be equipped with just yet. This should certainly top the list as a priority for you, modern devices will all be advertising their own 5G capability, and whilst the connection may not be available in your local area just yet, you do want to be ready for when it arrives – with speeds boasted up to 100 times faster, and a wider connectivity options, it’s going to change mobile networking in a big way.

Displays have come a long way too – Our displays are a key component of our devices, growing reliance on our favourite gaming options with the likes of online casinos where you can also find some at for example for the biggest over the past year, or even the multimedia options through video streaming and livestreamed options too – faster, more clarity, better colour balance, and even bigger resolutions are all common. Whilst the screen size itself may not have changed much, you’ll likely be able to find something much larger in resolution with a different aspect ratio and faster response time and could dramatically change your experience here too.

Beware the missing features, however – Of the biggest changes, the ones receiving the most push back have often come from the removal of certain features – it was recently announced by Apple that they’d no longer be shipping phones with a plug or headphones, with many of the other big manufacturers following suit too in order to reduce their environmental impact with shipping. Other things like headphone jacks and expandable memory have been disappearing more commonly too – make sure you take this into account when choosing your new device, as you don’t want to lose an everyday feature that’s important to you if there are alternatives out there.

Many manufacturers will try to push their flashy new hardware forward too and is often a consideration many make when choosing to upgrade, but most devices perform very similar these days and often times the hardware inside won’t make all that much difference, so may be something you can hold a little lower in priority.

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