3 Ways to Take the Best Care of Your Jewelry

3 Ways to Take the Best Care of Your Jewelry

Whether you have an enviable stash of vintage necklaces or only a few precious new purchases to look after, all jewelry requires some level of care to ensure it looks stunning for years to come. It might seem like an unnecessary task, but just as you take time to look after your car’s regular maintenance and preventative care, so you should look after your precious jewelry. Here are a few ways to keep your pieces looking their best.

Storage Solutions

Experts recommend storing your jewelry somewhere safe anytime you’re not wearing it. A jewelry box or chest is a natural choice, but consider storing each piece separately to prevent scratches. This can be accomplished by wrapping each piece in tissue paper, tucking each into a soft bag or using jewelry drawer dividers. To prevent tarnishing of metals like silver or brass, store each piece in a separate airtight bag.

Safe Cleaning

It’s recommended to get your jewelry professionally cleaned about every six months or so, depending on the piece and how frequently you wear it. However, you can also complete regular light cleaning at home with a soft, lint-free cloth. Special jewelry cleaning cloths are available for this purpose, but an eyeglasses cleaning cloth works nicely for this task as well. If your piece needs a bit more cleaning power, dilute a tiny bit of mild soap with water to make a soaking solution. A short soak should help release any soil clinging to your jewelry — but note that some jewelry should not be soaked, so check with your jeweler if you’re unsure. Finish by carefully drying your piece with a soft cloth.

Regular Inspections

Many jewelers offer an inspection service at regular intervals when you make a purchase from them. These inspections usually provide jewelers an opportunity to check the secureness of any stone settings, look for any parts that need repair or replacement and make any necessary adjustments. Many jewelers will also include a cleaning service after the inspection as well. Note that an inspection service may be a prerequisite for jewelry insurance through that jeweler, so be sure to mark your calendar with those deadlines if that is the case.

If you’ve made an investment into a selection of elegant treasures, be sure to give the pieces the level of care they require. With a little bit of mindful maintenance, your jewelry will look bright and magnificent for many years to come.

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