How to change font color on iphone

how to change font color on iphone

How to change font color on iphone

The constant technological progress has made available to us increasingly powerful tools, able to give anyone access to an infinite number of contents. Current smartphones and iPhones in particular, allow you to pay without using cash, surf the net, work, use apps for personal leisure, and so on. All this with a simple tool that we can carry in the palm of our hand. These devices are versatile tools, able to satisfy many functions and needs of daily life. But after a few years, it can happen that your iPhone begins to tire and to be repetitive. Not everyone knows, however, that our device can be customized, through the use of some tweaks, made unique. Do you want to know how to do it? In the following steps, we will explain, in detail, how to change font color on iPhone.

How to change font color on iPhone?

how to change font color on iphone

You will need:

jailbroken iPhone;
BigBoss repository;

Download the apps from Cydia

First, you should know that changing the color of the text cannot happen on all devices. The applications that allow you to perform this operation are not, in fact, available to all Apple users, on the official store, but can only be downloaded by jailbroken iPhone owners. To do this it is still necessary to root the device. Moreover, on your iPhone, you will need to install Cydia, the alternative store to the official App Store, and from here add the BigBoss repository. Cydia acts as an alternative store and through the appropriate box, you can download unofficial apps on your device. Let’s see how to search for a word on a page.

Download UIColors from Cydia

As we said, let’s go to the Cydia Store, and search for the “UIColors” application, using the appropriate search box. colors is essentially a tweak that allows you to customize the user interface of Apple devices. Through this application, in fact, we will be able to make small adjustments to both the hardware and software of a system, in order to improve its performance. In particular, it will be possible to change the color inside the apps and texts. Once you have found the? The app, click on the download button, and wait for the next installation. At the end of this process, your iPhone will restart automatically.

Change colors with UIColors

Once the restart procedure is complete, we will be able to change the colors of the apps and texts to our liking. To do this, go to the? Settings? Menu, identified by the gear icon and from the menu that will open, look for the item “UIColors”. The first category made available to us will be the “Blacklist” which is a series of buttons that will allow us to include or exclude the apps already installed from your customization. To also change the color of the texts, it will be necessary to search for the “Set text color” item and choose, from here, the color that we like best. The selection of colors can be made by spinning the wheel with all the colors available. In addition, the tweak also allows you to change the brightness.

Apply the UIColors changes

To make the changes effective, at this point, we will have to click on “Respring & Apply Changes”. This command will restart the device thus confirming all changes. With this tweak, you can change to your liking not only the color of the text but also the color within the apps, significantly customizing your iPhone. Although the steps seem somewhat complicated, putting them into practice thanks to “UIColors” is quite simple because no special skills are required and it integrates perfectly with our device.

In order to install Cydia, it is necessary to root our device. If the operation is too complicated, get help from an expert user.

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