Tips for creating an effective sales brochure

sales brochure

Tips for creating an effective sales brochure

On our blog one of the most argued and debated issues is certainly that of the commercial brochure. We have tried, in the recent past, to offer illuminating examples and useful tips to design and produce original brochures but especially effective, able to attract a good number of customers and convert the purchase. In this article, we will show more examples of brochures that can be used as a reference for all those who need to build a new corporate brochure relying on the expertise and experience of graphic designers and graphic designers enrolled.

sales brochure

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Small details to make a simple brochure perfect commercial brochure

There are several ways in which you can achieve the graphics of a commercial brochure, but not all are actually designed to increase the chances of selling a company. For this is good to know what are those little details that can transform a simple leaflet explaining in a real advanced marketing tool that can be used to promote and facilitate the direct sale of products and services. So, before I leave you admire these wonderful examples of brochures that we have collected for you at the bottom of this post, we invite you to carefully consider these helpful tips to graphic designers and companies engaged in the realization of the corporate brochure graphic.

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1 – Use mostly colors attractive characterized by a warm and bright tones. For printing use quality ink: the expense in this case is the end result that will certainly be much higher than that of many of your direct competitors.

2 – Select carefully pictures and according to the business strategy planned with the marketing manager. We advise you to always choose those with the greatest quality and with high resolution: even one bad image can affect the adaptability of your brochure and the predetermined sales plan.

3 – Reduce the essential texts. The commercial brochure is not a catalog of products in which everything has to be explained in detail. In this case, the texts to perform a marketing function and not purely descriptive, then “less is more.”

4 – Despite being one promotional tool, the brochure must not appear “excessive.” Everything has to be calibrated and balanced in order to capture the prospect’s attention almost without noticing…

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