How to play solo games for more than two people

solo games

How to play solo games for more than two people

Having a perennial fan group friend games with which you meet weekly in an environment, it is something that not everyone can maintain. For many years, I have had and one of the few things I miss in this time of my life. But … responsibilities that arise, work schedules or agendas that become useless when one or more kids become the priority in deciding how you want to spend your time and live you know.

There are many reasons for wanting to play a game at a time that does not have at hand a group of people with your same passion for cards, boards or hardboard dice with numbers on their faces instead of black dots. Today we suggest you the best ways to play games on your own that are not solitary: looking for online players and changing the rules of those games that you have in your library playful.

Platforms games online

There are many sites that allow you to play online to hundreds of board games .Fancy a game of Puerto Rico but you cannot be with anyone? While that’s no longer an issue, because it sure is in the world a lot more people than you think in your situation.

These are the best options we found. We have focused especially those that offer multiple and better games as there are pages that are specialized in specific games or alternative versions of popular games. So we tried that have official graphics and offer a good selection.

solo games

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Board Game Arena

One of the best options at your fingertips is Board Game Arena. One of the major platforms and an enviable, with free and also translated into Castilian and Catalan among the 26 languages offered ludoteca interface. They have over 90 games available and promise to add a new one every month.

Another key advantage is that you can attend as a spectator to a game to be learning, real-time play, or play in turn if your time is limited or want to play calmly.

Caylus, Coloretto, Colt Express, Take 6! Hanabi, Hive, Jaipur, Lost Cities, Puerto Rico, Race forr the Galaxy, Saboteur, Seasons, Stone Age, Tash-Kalar, Through the Ages or Tzolk’in are some of the proposals offered this fantastic meeting of players.

The interface is intuitive and clear, no need to download anything or install plugins.It has an integrated chat, where you must remember that although you have the interface in Castilian, your opponents can be anywhere on the globe and you may have to resort to English to chat. Letters, messages and other information about the game itself translated are also able to see the original art in your language.

Happy Meeple

Understandably, not all games are available in one place, so if you are looking for is not on a web’ll have to turn to alternatives. In Happy Meeple they have a somewhat limited range, but among them you’ll find some gems. Finito!, Lost Cities, LevelX, Keltis dice and Keltis Or, Siberia migrato letters and make the play center of this web.

While it is easier and less colorful than Board Game Arena, it is another good meeting point for more casual games. And two details that make it especially interesting: bots and tutorials.

Happy Meeple offers bots to play with games, each with different degrees of skill. As you defeating the less talented you go unblocking the experts.

The tutorials allow you to learn to play all their proposals step by step test items. The whole site is available in Castilian.


Triqqy specializes in turn – based games. Provides a brief catalog with just ten games, ero includes interesting proposals as Tigris & Euphrates or Through the Desert. It offers the possibility to play against bots, and even the odd choice of attending games only between bots, to test your skills as a developer of artificial intelligence for games.


Of Yucata it is one of the largest in its category toy libraries, offering more than a hundred games, always against real players and promise not include advertisements. Among his proposals are at the Gates of Loyang, Carcassonne, Carson City, Villa, Jaipur, Roll Through the Ages, Santiago de Cuba, Stone age, Tally ho! or Zooloretto.

Play Agricola

You may have noticed that some industry heavyweights are not available in any of these playful temples. The reason is that, due to its own merits, have enough strength to have its own online platform, whether official or not. It is not the only one, but a good example is Agricola, the masterpiece of Uwe Rosenberg.

In Play Agricola, you know your opponents are fans of the same game. Its interface is through multiple browser windows, one for management of the game and chat, one for the board and one for your farm. You can play or browse by running games as a spectator.

The infamous Brettspielwelt

We have chosen to dismiss a classic, Brettspielwelt. This has been, and remains, one of the great spots to play online. His range is impressive, but like its interface has become very obsolete. Not only you have not added important new features , but their client based on Java, it is anchored in version 1.6. It is impossible to use it without going back to a version of Java considered a security risk for your system end, and therefore only recommended for fans of unnecessary dangers.

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Adaptations to apps

Many games have been adapted for mobile and tablets, so your favorite game may be available. Here it is logical as there are good accommodations and very bad.Some allow you to play against an artificial intelligence, and other players against remote. We are interested less in this article, but some allow you to go past the mobile from one player to another to go playing their shifts.

Solo rules for games that are not lonely

Do you prefer the feel and smell of printed paper? Are your games are gathering dust on the shelf because nobody is encouraged to play a game to that wonder, for you of course underrated? Perhaps no company can play your person but not a loner, because there are many brains designing variants of rules for converting into solitary games that were not designed as such.

We will not make a list of all available variants. First because it would be extremely long, and secondly because there are dozens of ready – made lists. In Board Game Geek you have cubes, piles, shoveling this kind of house rules.

What are these changes? It depends on the game. In cooperative it is simpler because the structure of the game lends itself to it, and changes in the rules tend to be focused on balancing the chances of success without the help of other players.

There are very simple, and so complex that they do is create a kind of artificial intelligence from rules and dice, like this to the War of the Ring.

In competitive games, the imagination of the players leads to real wonders. For example, for 7 Wonders is a variant that adds a given item. You face several imaginary opponents in the choice of cards to play is conditioned by the outcome of the roll.

There is a similar option available for Descent as well as a version that makes a cooperative without a master that controls the monsters.

The options come to change most of the rules, creating a new game from its components. An example of this is Carcassonne, for which there is a variant in which you have to build five ways and five castles, using the least possible amount of tiles and leaving the meeples in the box. Roads and castles also must be created in ascending order (first of two tiles, then three, and so on ).

Not all games can become loners, but as you see the options we have are varied.

We hope that with all these variants and sites that you have presented the company have no longer a problem to catch an afternoon of games.

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